Brian Kelly



Brian grew up in Naples, Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Evolutionary Anthropology and Computer Science from Duke University.  After several field seasons of paleoanthropological expeditions in southern Africa, Brian returned home to south Florida to work as a technician on a Florida panther prey camera trap study as part of the Everglades Restoration Project.  He then embarked on a career as a software engineer, working for a successful startup in Raleigh, North Carolina before the call of the wild brought him back to Africa.  Brian spent another 6 years there as a trails guide and guiding instructor, specializing in dangerous game walking safaris, tracking, and specialist birdwatching safaris.

Brian once again returned home to pursue a master’s degree under the direction of Drs. Karl Miller and Richard Chandler while working on the South Florida Deer Study.  He is broadly interested in predator-prey relationships, and particularly in the survival, predation, and ecological role of white-tailed deer in the predator rich Big Cypress Basin.