Kristin Engebretsen

Kristin grew up in Stuart, Florida. She earned her B.S degree with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry at the Florida State University, where her undergraduate research focused on chorus frog hybridization. She spent a summer studying predator spatial use of a reserve in South Africa, which fueled her love of predator-prey systems. Since graduation, she has worked on a variety of projects including endocrinology in captive cheetahs, habitat use of golden eagles in New Mexico, and elk restoration in Missouri.

Kristin spent last summer as a technician with the South Florida Deer Study, and she is looking forward to returning to South Florida once again. She will be pursuing her Master’s degree under the direction of Drs. Karl Miller and Richard Chandler. Her interests lie broadly in predator-prey interactions and the factors impacting prey survival in complex multi-species systems. She is excited to explore these concepts by studying white-tailed deer in the unique and predator-rich environment of southwest Florida.