Melinda Nelson


University of Georgia
M.S. Student in Wildlife Ecology and Management

University of Vermont
B.S Animal Science with a minor in Biology


Conservation Hourly Worker for the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Center
Provided support for multiple research projects including:
Coyote and White-tailed deer spatial interactions
Wild Turkey nesting ecology
Small mammal response to prescribed fire
Tick population response to prescribed fire

Biological Technician for the Colorado Division of Wildlife
Assisted on pilot study assessing habitat preference and nesting ecology of Greater Sage-grouse

Biological Technician for Washington University
Assisted on research project studying wind mediated dispersal of seeds in grass and forb species.

Biological Technician for the USDA Forest Service
Assisted on research project predicting population densities of white-tailed deer as well as mortality rate for fawns by coyote predation.

Wildlife Management Intern, National Park Service (SCA Internship)
Endangered piping plover monitoring
Assisted in the implementation of white-tailed deer immuno-contraception program
Darted does with immuno-contraceptive, PZP (Porcine Zona Pellucida).