Adam was raised in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. He attended Western Kentucky University where he received a B.S. degree in Biology. After deciding on a wildlife conservation career path early in his undergraduate years, Adam has been involved with several research projects.

During his time at WKU, he spent an extended period of time in South Africa where he worked as both a research assistant and lead research investigator on an African elephant management study. The next summer he worked briefly for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game completing salmon escapement counts.

After graduation in 2014, Adam worked in both South Carolina and Missouri on wild turkey and deer capture projects. He eventually returned to Kentucky for a job on the Fort Knox army base where he focused on general wildlife habitat and forestry management work.

Adam now is pursing his Ph.D. degree under the tutelage of Dr. Gino D'Angelo. His research takes place in the Southern Appalachian region of North Georgia where he studies a declining white-tailed deer population.  In particular, he is monitoring fawn survival, adult female movement and resource selection in association with reproductive periods. Adam's main interests lie with ungulate habitat management to ensure future population sustainability.


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