Allison Gordy


Allison is a native of Sharpsburg, Georgia. The 4-H program is where her passion for the field of forestry and wildlife started to come to life, and before she knew it she was going to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) in Tifton, GA to begin her undergraduate studies in those fields. She received her Associates in Forest Technology, Associates in Wildlife Technology, and Bachelor’s of Natural Resource Management from ABAC. Shortly upon graduating Allison worked with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) Wildlife Resources Division. After meeting many wonderful people in GADNR, gaining tons of experience, and solidifying her passion for wildlife and habitat management, she was given the opportunity to pursue her Master’s in Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. Through her Master’s she is studying the effects of thinning and prescribed fire on vegetation response and wildlife habitat.