Blaise grew up in rural northwestern Oklahoma and spent much of her time outdoors – hiking, hunting, and fishing. These experiences inspired her to pursue a career in ecology and conservation. Blaise earned her B.S. in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with a minor in Environmental Affairs from Colorado State University. While at Colorado State, she studied Preble’s meadow jumping mice microhabitat use with fluorescent powder tracking and determined temporal and spatial factors influencing nesting densities of olive ridley sea turtles. Blaise earned her M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Clemson University. Her M.S. research focused on the winter torpor and roosting ecology of tri-colored bats using trees and bridges.

Blaise’s current dissertation research, under the direction of Dr. Gino D’Angelo, aims to expand the understanding of the physiology of deer vision as it relates to their behavior and habitat use. This project is a collaborative effort at University of Georgia involving scientists from the Deer Laboratory in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program in the Department of Psychology. Funding for this project was provided by SITKA® Gear in an effort to advance the knowledge base of deer visual systems.


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