Deer Lab Student’s Artwork Featured at Warnell


Adam Edge recently had 10 of his nature photographs displayed at Warnell for everyone to enjoy.  In addition to his commitment to wildlife science as a graduate student on the North Georgia deer project, Adam is quite the accomplished nature photographer.  Some of his artwork features the wildlife and natural beauty of South Africa.  He had the opportunity to build his portfolio of African photos when we served as a research assistant on an African elephant management study.  It was this experience that inspired Adam to become serious about nature photography.  Once back in the U.S., he practiced his photography skills while working on a sockeye salmon project in Alaska, a wild turkey project in South Carolina, and other wildlife-related jobs in Missouri and Kentucky.  Adam currently is working on a deer-related project in the mountains of North Georgia.  Where ever opportunities take him, Adam is sure to keep a camera with him to record the moments that inspire him along the way.