Welcome to the Georgia Deer Management Research Group.  The DMRG was founded in 2011 and represents a formal treaty that brings together UGA deer researchers, natural resource managers, Georgia’s wildlife agency, and deer-related conservation organizations for the purpose of learning more about white-tailed deer.  This common-interest approach is necessary if deer herds in Georgia are to be managed in a way to maximize their positive contribution to our society, while minimizing negative deer-human interactions.

What we do:

1. Provide sound biological data necessary to develop applied deer management programs for Georgia landowners, land managers, and agencies

2. To identify and address, via targeted research, emerging issues related to deer management

3. To provide technology transfer via newsletters, field days, technical reports and scientific publications of research findings.

4. To actively identify, seek out, and generate funding to conduct quality deer research in Georgia.

The DMRG is not a national conservation organization, a regulatory authority, or a political watchdog and lobby group.  Rather, our mission is to identify and address priority white-tailed deer management issues and needs via targeted, proactive research designed to assist in land management and regulatory decision-making.

Check out our current newsletter (click on the link to the right): DMRG Newsletter October 16, 2017