Patrick Grunwald is from Northcentral Wisconsin. Growing up hunting, fishing and spending much of his time outdoors he gained interest in the conservation of game species. He earned a B.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology – Research and Management from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 2015.  After graduating from UWSP he has worked on a variety of projects focusing on population dynamics of game species.

He has worked with white-tailed deer as a deer biologist aide on the Deer-Forest Study for the Pennsylvania Game Commission and field technician for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks department. He worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as a black bear field technician. Patrick has been a field crew leader for the University of Missouri on the state of Missouri’s elk reintroduction project and a mule deer project for the University of Nebraska.

The Master’s research project he will be working on focuses on temporary deer immobilization that is safer for the individual animal and the researchers. Research will be conducted at the Whitehall Deer Research Facility and will be overseen by Dr. Gino D’Angelo and Dr. Mark Ruder of the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study.


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