The UGA Deer Lab has conducted research looking at both the negative and positive effects of predators on whitetail populations.  In addition, we have studied the diets and movements of predators in various habitats.

  • We reintroduced bobcats to Cumberland Island, Georgia and documented their positive effect on health of the deer population and the local plant community.


  • We studied the effect of bobcats on an over-abundant deer population associated with a coastal South Carolina resort community.


  • We examined the effect of intensive coyote removal efforts on properties in Alabama and Georgia.


  • As part of our fawn survival-studies, we documented a large percentage of fawn deaths were attributed to predators.


  • We documented changes in deer feeding behaviors and habitat use related to presence of predators on the landscape. 


  • We studied the effect of Florida panthers on whitetails where they co-exist.