Metacognition is the term used to define someone’s awareness of their own thinking and learning.  Active learning is a modern teaching technique used to encourage students to be more proactive in their own learning process.  A podcast is a narrative audio file made available for download or streaming via the Internet in an episodic format.  Student-produced podcasting is a creative tool that promotes metacognition, active learning, and engagement.   

Master of Natural Resources graduate student, Jack Derochers, will work under the direction of Dr. Gino D'Angelo and Dr. Deena McKinney (UGA Office of Online Learning) to lead a collaborative team of undergraduate and graduate students to write and produce episodes of a podcast centered on wildlife topics for both the general public and fellow wildlife professionals.  In producing the podcast, students will engage in real-world applications of communication, collaboration, and problem solving, which are at the core of active learning.  As part of the reflection and outreach process, students will create a freely accessible, open educational resources (i.e., OER) instructional manual that includes episode guides and a description of the podcast production process.  A key element of the project will also involve student-to-student interaction including peer review and consultation.  The long-term goal of the project is to lay the groundwork for development of an ongoing guided study course primarily for undergraduate students in the fisheries and wildlife major and graduate students in wildlife science.

Student learning outcomes for the project include:

  1. Plan, write and produce one mini-podcast of 3-4 minutes in length and one full-length podcast of 30-45 minutes on topics related to wildlife biology

  2. Create informative oral and written communications both for wildlife professionals and the general public

  3. Reflect on the production of mini-podcast and refine subsequent techniques of presentation for full-length podcast